Washington State Business Health Insurance Broker

Maddock & Associates is the leading Puget Sound Employee Medical Benefits broker with over 49 years of experience.

We specialize in helping businesses find high-quality Group Medical Insurance with a focus on keeping your employees happy, and healthy…while getting you the best value possible for every benefit dollar.

Founded in 1970 Maddock & Associates has close relationships with all of the top Washington State insurance carriers and Association Health Plans; it’s no surprise that Maddock & Associates is the trusted source of employee benefit plans for more than 500 employers in Western Washington.

The Maddock & Associates team is extremely dedicated to providing unparalleled service to all of our groups…large or small.  Working with Maddock & Associates will help you control costs and provide the best experience possible for your employees and their families.


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Health Benefits

Peace of Mind

With Maddock & Associates on your side, you don’t have to worry that a misstep on your part will drop you out of compliance.  We work hard every day to keep employers informed through compliance notices, newsletters, and resources.

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When you partner with Maddock & Associates, all enrollments come through us and can be easily completed online or on paper.  We’re also happy to assist with any billing or eligibility issues.

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Happy Employees

At Maddock & Associates, we know that happy employees are productive employees.

We work hard to ensure your employees can keep the provider they have.  It’s our priority to ensure your employees have access to the best clinics in the area.

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Group Medical Insurance

Cost Control

We’ll guide you through your funding options, including self-funding, level funding with fixed monthly payments, group insurance captives, defined contribution and private insurance exchanges.

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Disclaimer: Not all carriers offer health care coverage in all counties in Washington. Please check with us regarding each carrier’s service areas.

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