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Effortless Enrollment and Comprehensive Support: Unlock the Power of Employee Benefits with Maddock & Associates

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We prioritize employee satisfaction and well-being. Our mission is to find top-tier Group Medical Insurance for businesses, maximizing benefit value. Since 1970, we’ve built strong partnerships with Washington state’s leading insurance carriers and association health plans.

Our dedicated team delivers unparalleled service to organizations of all sizes. Partner with us to control costs and provide the best experience for your employees and their families.

Employee Benefits

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Maddock & Associates provides unparalleled expertise and service, ensuring that employers can effectively manage costs while prioritizing the health and satisfaction of their employees.

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Partnering with Maddock & Associates brings streamlined and convenient enrollment processes. Through our online enrollment system called EASE, employees can easily select their benefits on any device, making benefit access hassle-free. Additionally, we provide support for paper applications if preferred and offer assistance with billing and eligibility matters to ensure a smooth experience for your organization.

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For over five decades, Maddock & Associates has been at the forefront of providing Washington State residents with high-quality insurance brokerage services.

With a focus on health and group benefits, we’ve established relationships with the top medical and dental insurance providers in the state to offer you the most comprehensive and affordable coverage options available.

"Maddock & Associates has been helping us with our Employee Benefits here at Simulab for many years. Dave and his team have done an excellent job helping us create a package that is a good value for our team members and for the company. They are always available to present the programs and answer questions. "

- Doug, Simulab

Employee Benefits FAQ

If the price is the same, why should I buy through Maddock & Associates instead of directly through an insurance company?

There are many reasons to choose an experienced insurance broker like Maddock & Associates to represent you.

First, as an independent broker, we objectively present many different employee benefit plans in your best interest. We can help you evaluate all your insurance options and choose the insurance company and group benefits plan that is right for your needs. While you are enrolled in the plan, our expert team will serve as your advocate and assist you and your employees with any claims issues that come up.

Most importantly, should there be a discrepancy, our claims advocates will investigate on your behalf and fight to make sure the insurance company lives up to the contract.

Why should I have Maddock & Associates quote my benefits?

At Maddock & Associates, we’ve been group benefits brokers for over 50 years. We are true experts in employee benefits. We don’t just quote plans or provide just a spreadsheet. We provide information and insights that you can’t get from a side-by-side web comparison or product grid. We can answer the questions you have before you make a decision. For example, you might wonder about the size of their provider network, or how well they pay their claims. You may want to know what the biggest complaints are, what has their track record been regarding rate increases, or how they are perceived by providers, etc. We are ready to answer your questions.

What is required to set up a group health insurance plan?

Insurance companies usually require at least 2 employees to start a group employee benefits plan. Once you have 2 employees working 20 hours per week or more, we can start a group plan for the 2 employees and help you enroll new hires as your company grows.

Are employers required to offer a group employee benefits health plan?

While the government will penalize employers with 50 or more full time employees who do not offer insurance, employers can choose to not offer coverage and pay the penalty. With that said, most employers find it very difficult to hire qualified employees if they do not provide a great benefit package. Maddock & Associates specializes in creating affordable employee benefit packages that will help you hire and retain the best talent!