About Us

Serving Washington State Since 1970

Maddock & Associates is a leading Washington State insurance broker. We’ve been selling health insurance and group benefits since 1970. As a broker, we represent all the best medical and dental insurance plans in Washington State. Maddock & Associates does not mark up or add additional fees onto medical insurance premiums. Our rates reflect the lowest rates that have been approved by the Washington State Insurance Commissioner, so you can be confident that when you buy through our website, via phone, or in person – you are getting the lowest premium possible.

Group Benefits Broker Washington State

Experience with group benefits and the individual marketplace

Maddock & Associates started in the group benefits market, where we are a dominant producer. Shortly thereafter, we realized that there was a need for professional help in the individual market. Our staff has advised individuals on the best plans to suit their needs ever since. David G. Maddock, the principal of the firm, is a Registered Health Underwriter and is Past President of the Health Underwriters Association as well as on the board of Washington State Health Insurance Exchange. We have the knowledge and experience to help all of our clients. Please feel free to call us with any questions, a free quote or to schedule a free consultation appointment – 1-206-682-1628.

If the price is the same, why buy through Maddock & Associates vs. directly through the insurance company?

There are many reasons to choose an experienced insurance broker to represent you.
First, as an independent broker, you choose from the many different plans offered by Maddock & Associates.
Next, we can help you evaluate all of your insurance options and choose the insurance company and group benefits plan that is right for your needs.
Also, while you are enrolled in the plan, Maddock & Associates will be your advocate and assist you and your employees with any claims issues that come up.
Most importantly, should there be a discrepancy, our claims advocates will investigate claims on your behalf and fight to make sure the insurance company lives up to the contract.

Why choose Maddock & Associates vs. another insurance broker?

At Maddock & Associates, we’ve been group benefits brokers in Washington state for over 50 years. We are insurance experts in the Washington insurance market. Since insurance is regulated by the state, being local really matters. We can give you the information that a product grid or side-by-side web comparison won’t, like – how large is their provider network, how well do they pay claims, what are the biggest complaints, what has their track record been regarding rate increases, how are they perceived by providers, etc. We are ready to answer your questions.