Roxanne Carlson Receives 2022 Blue Ribbon Agent Award

Roxanne Carlson Receives 2022 Blue Ribbon Agent Award In Recognition of Outstanding Medicare Sales Performance and Partnership

In 2022, Roxanne Carlson of Washington state achieved an exceptional milestone by receiving the prestigious Blue Ribbon Agent Award from Regence Blue Shield. This award signifies her exceptional contributions to the Medicare sales sector, reflecting her remarkable ability to submit flawless client applications and her profound knowledge of the Medicare landscape.

Regence Health Care's decision to honor Roxanne with the Blue Ribbon Agent Award underscores her dedication to service excellence. She epitomizes their commitment to delivering top-tier Medicare coverage and support to beneficiaries.

Roxanne Carlson serves as a beacon in Medicare sales, emphasizing that genuine success is achieved by prioritizing clients, maintaining unwavering accuracy, and seeking ongoing knowledge. Her recognition is well-deserved and serves as a testament to the transformative impact an individual can have on those they serve.

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