Happy Employees

At Maddock & Associates, we know that happy employees are productive employees.

Getting You More Benefits for the Money

We conduct renewal negotiations and constantly evaluate the market to ensure your employees get maximum benefits for the best possible cost. Your Maddock & Associates health insurance agent will present you with multiple plan options so that you can make an informed decision.

Access to Excellent Health Care

We work hard to ensure your employees can keep the provider they have. It’s our priority to ensure your employees have access to the best clinics in their area.

Healthy Employees

Perks like wellness programs, biometric screenings and gym membership discounts are great motivators for employees to stay healthy. We find you benefits packages that offer your employees these incentives.

Benefits Packages Offer Tax Savings

The benefits packages we secure can provide your employees access to HSAs, FSAs, HRAs and Section 125 POPs (Premium Only Plans).


Knowledge is power, and we empower your employees with facts on how to avoid overpaying for services, avoid unnecessary tests and procedures, get the most out of their health plans and use value-added services that come with the health plan to save money.