When you choose Maddock & Associates as your partner, all of your enrollments, terminations and customer service requests will be handled with the utmost care. This includes efficiently managing eligibility issues and providing timely COC/COBRA notices as needed.

In addition, our dedicated team takes charge of addressing any billing inquiries or claims concerns that you or your employees may encounter. Rest assured that we go the extra mile to ensure a seamless experience, providing comprehensive support every step of the way.

Initial and Ongoing Enrollments

Enrollment becomes effortless for our clients, thanks to our fully online system, EASE. With Maddock & Associates as your partner, you can enjoy the convenience of our user-friendly platform, allowing you to streamline the enrollment process and save valuable time. Your employees can conveniently select benefits using their computers or smartphones, ensuring easy access to valuable coverage.

If you prefer traditional paper applications, we gladly handle those as well. Rest assured, our dedicated team is ready to assist you promptly with any billing or eligibility concerns, providing comprehensive support every step of the way. Experience a seamless enrollment process and peace of mind knowing that Maddock & Associates is here to ensure your benefit access is hassle-free.

Benefits Education

At Maddock & Associates, we specialize in simplifying the process of educating new employees about their benefits and ensuring a smooth open enrollment experience. We take care of preparing comprehensive new hire and open enrollment packets, alleviating the burden on you and your HR staff.

Additionally, we offer employee orientations, whether in person or online, to provide valuable guidance and support. To further enhance accessibility, we provide helpful tools such as, a custom benefits website, and Plan Advisor, an interactive side-by-side comparison tool. Trust us to streamline the benefits education process, empowering your employees to make informed decisions with ease.

Claims Assistance

Save your employees from long hold times and frustrating interactions with insurance companies. Our dedicated claims advocates are here to assist them with all their claims questions, going the extra mile to ensure timely and accurate claim payments. Trust Maddock & Associates to provide efficient and reliable claims support for a seamless experience.

Employee Benefits
Consulting Services

Maddock & Associates offers employee benefits consulting to companies throughout the Pacific NW.

Outsourced COBRA Compliance

Yet another bonus we offer is that this service comes at no charge to the employer.

Peace Of Mind

With Maddock & Associates on your side we can help you make informed decisions affecting your life, heath, and insurance needs. We work hard to keep Washington State employers informed through compliance notices, newsletters, and other available resources.

Happy Employees

At Maddock & Associates we understand that finding the right life and heath insurance can be challenging in today’s world. We work hard to ensure your employees are happy with their group medical insurance by helping them keep providers they already have or by getting access to the best clinics in the area.

Cost Control

We will lead you through your funding options, including self-funding, level funding with fixed monthly payments, group insurance captives, defined contribution and private insurance exchanges.

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For over five decades, Maddock & Associates has been at the forefront of providing Washington State residents with high-quality insurance brokerage services.

With a focus on health and group benefits, we’ve established relationships with the top medical and dental insurance providers in the state to offer you the most comprehensive and affordable coverage options available.

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