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At Maddock & Associates, we recognize the complexities of finding the right life and health insurance solutions in today’s ever-changing landscape. Our relentless commitment is to ensure the utmost satisfaction of your employees with their group medical insurance.

We strive to empower them by retaining their existing providers and facilitating access to the finest clinics in the region. Count on us to navigate the challenges and deliver the optimal insurance options that prioritize the well-being and contentment of your workforce.

Getting You More Benefits
for the Money

At Maddock & Associates, we strive for optimal value in your employees’ health insurance. Our expert team negotiates renewals and evaluates the market to maximize benefits at competitive costs. With curated plan options, your dedicated agent empowers you to make informed decisions. Trust us for comprehensive coverage and cost-efficiency.

If you prefer traditional paper applications, we gladly handle those as well. Rest assured, our dedicated team is ready to assist you promptly with any billing or eligibility concerns, providing comprehensive support every step of the way. Experience a seamless enrollment process and peace of mind knowing that Maddock & Associates is here to ensure your benefit access is hassle-free.

Healthy Employees

Perks like wellness programs, biometric screenings and gym membership discounts are great motivators for employees to stay healthy. We find you benefits packages that offer your employees these incentives.


Knowledge is power, and we empower your employees with facts on how to avoid overpaying for services, avoid unnecessary tests and procedures, get the most out of their health plans and use value-added services that come with the health plan to save money.

Access to Excellent
Health Care

Preserving provider continuity and accessing top clinics for your employees is our priority at Maddock & Associates. Count on us to ensure seamless transitions and access to high-quality healthcare options.

Benefits Packages
Offer Tax Savings

The benefits packages we secure can provide your employees access to HSAs, FSAs, HRAs and Section 125 POPs (Premium Only Plans).

Peace Of Mind

With Maddock & Associates on your side we can help you make informed decisions affecting your life, heath, and insurance needs. We work hard to keep Washington State employers informed through compliance notices, newsletters, and other available resources.


When partnering with Maddock & Associates we take care of all enrollments and terminations, this includes any eligibility issues or COC/COBRA notices. We also take care of any billing questions or claims that you or your employees might have.

Cost Control

We will lead you through your funding options, including self-funding, level funding with fixed monthly payments, group insurance captives, defined contribution and private insurance exchanges.

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For over five decades, Maddock & Associates has been at the forefront of providing Washington State residents with high-quality insurance brokerage services.

With a focus on health and group benefits, we’ve established relationships with the top medical and dental insurance providers in the state to offer you the most comprehensive and affordable coverage options available.

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